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Community website created by former DMOZ editors, which also hosts a mirror of the directory. They intend to accept user submissions soon. Editor registration is already available.

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DMOZ Documentation Project
The DMOZ Documentation Project is an unofficial collection of resources, tutorials, and advice for editors at the Open Directory Project.
Retired open content volunteer ran directory which was the largest internet directory. Formally known as NewHoo, Netscape bought them then was acquired by AOL. Service discontinued March 17, 2017.
Web directory built using the DMOZ database. Unlike other mirror sites listed in this category, this version includes banner ads, though the design is aesthetically pleasing.
Online directory which serves as a static snapshot of DMOZ when AOL shut it down.
Website which publishes a static mirror of the DMOZ directory, which was discontinued in early 2017.

Resource Zone
Online discussion forum where members of the DMOZ community interact with the public.

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